Undertakings of the Destructionist International
The Destructionist International works across a variety of creative mediums (text, image, video, sound) and themes (militancy, sabotage, technology, liberation).
An Incomplete List / 2022-Present

Machines in Flames
(2022, 50 min)

              A cinematic search for the elusive group CLODO, who bombed computer companies in 1980s Toulouse, France. Journeying through the cybernetic nodes of military, industrial, and socialist development, the film exposes how recording devices fail to collect the ashes of history. The film combines archival traces, a viral desktop choreography, and paranoid footage of nocturnal stakeouts into a philosophical investigation of self-combustion.
            The film is the debut work of the Destructionist International, and the first in a series of films on the appetite for abolition in ultra-leftism. It was first distributed through a network of self-erasing USB data sticks dropped outside corporate campuses.

A Manifesto for Destructionist Film (2022, text)

              To guide its assault on the present, the Cinema Committee of the Destructionist International joins with others over a series of nos.

  • No to easy, common sense, or entertaining film catering to reassurance.

  • No to catharsis, for there is no worse crime than giving an audience a sense of resolution for having simply watched a film.

  • No to revelation, whose only trick is the cheap exposure of the horrors of the present.

  • No to informative films and their concern for factuality.

  • No to persuasion, as our purpose is not to convince the reluctant.

  • No to calls to action, because the fully-mobilized public has already been activated too much.

  • No to endorsements that would vault anyone into power under the mistaken idea that some other faction would be better at pulling the strings.

  • No to the already-present, because we have lost faith in all existing peoples and causes

  • No to this world, as the only place left for film is to help bring about its end.

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